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Leopard Transparent



(Collagen Induction)

This treatment is for someone who is interested in smoothing skin texture or tone, minimizing pores, smoothing wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, and scars. Downtime is very minimal. Skin may be red and sensitive for a few hours after the treatment. At least 4 treatments over a 4-month period of time are suggested in order to encourage your body to produce collagen consistently.


*Consultation required. This treatment is not recommended for clients who are undergoing radiation treatment, have an active skin infection, have a history of poor wound healing, or those that have used Accutane acne treatments within the last 3 months. 

Full Face & Neck (2 hrs.) - $400
Full Face & Neck (2 hrs.) 4 Treatment Special - $1,200
Full Face, Neck, & Decollete (2.5 hrs.) - $500
Full Face, Neck, & Decollete (2.5 hrs.) 4 Treatment Special - $1,500

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